Monty Betham

TV Sports Presenter, Former Professional Boxer & NZ Warrior league player.

The year was 2014 I had been Retired from professional sports for some time and I had been asked to come out of boxing retirement to fight a familiar name. Carlos Spencer the former Auckland Blues and All Blacks legend renowned more for his capabilities on the field than in the ring. Still an undefeated fighter with a huge following partly because of the physique he bared on a tv ad promoting toffee pops. 

Being shirtless in a ring with a man of that reputation was slightly daunting not to mention the weight loss and fitness needed to once again be at my fighting best. I knew I was out of sorts but I didn’t realise just how much until I met Amanda in person. She measured me up or pinched me more precisely. It was amazing how quickly I had let myself go and knowing where I needed to be within 3 months. I was worried! Was Amanda, possibly? Only because she wasn’t certain if I would adhere to her number crunching and rules to boot.

Thankfully for us both - with limited time I took a liking and trust to Amanda immediately with a confidence she knew what she was talking about. Not only did she completely transform me aesthetically but she did it quickly and with me never once feeling fatigued or not up to my sometimes three training's a day. I’ve always been a driven person but with her coaching and motivation strategies, you would give all her clients a very good chance of succeeding in their goals. Thanks to Amanda I won that fight with energy levels I hadn’t experienced and equally important. I didn’t look out of place next to Mr. Toffee Pops Carlos Spencer.